Pricing & Costs

There two options that As-Tech Systems provide are fixed price development or development on a time and materials bases. The approach taken is usually dependent on scope of the project and the initial requirement specifications that you may already have.

Fixed Price, Fixed Time Development

If you have a set of reasonably clear requirement specifications
then using this method we will be able to provide you with an upfront cost and timescale for your project. You then have a guaranteed price and delivery date for the project, hence the cost of the site will be clear to you before any major work is started on your development.

Time and Materials

In situations where your requirements can not be nailed down at the initial stage of the project we can quote you on a time and materials bases (hourly rate). We will take your initial set of requirements and recommend a team and equipment required to carry out further analysis and subsequent development of your application. You then pay an agreed daily rate for the duration of this service. In many case we have had customers that have started off using this approach and then switched to the fixed price approach as the requirements and scope of the project becomes well defined.

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